The “Agora” of skateboarding

Skate Agora is a public plaza 100% dedicated to skateboarding.

Designed by California Skateparks, world leader in the construction of skateparks, it’s the first and only in Europe to be certified by the Street League Skateboarding prepared to host international competitions. Nearly 5,000 sqm with hubbas, quarter pipes, and flat rails, designed for the most pro riders, and others more suitable for beginners.

Its location is strategic, its surroundings postcard-like. Located side to Badalona beach, 15-minutes train ride from Barcelona downtown, to skate in Skate Agora is to skate in a skateboarding temple in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Skate Agora is a step towards the coastal recovery and a step forward for the Barcelona metropolitan area, which, despite being among the skating capitals of the world, was lacking facilities up to its reputation for a while.

Contact for skateparks and skate facilities development through Skate Agora management model.


Skate Agora was designed following the skaters needs, taking into account the activities and competitions it will host. The area devoted to the skatepark has three main sections:

  • 1.Advanced/sls section

    Designed for medium to professional skaters, suitable for international competition training, due to its mandatory measures. It includes 7 stairs, central hubba and 2 handrails at both sides. There’s a volcano with a bank in the middle and a full quarter pipe, with 2 rollings at both sides and 3 quarter pipes with hips.

  • 2.Intermediate section

    Designed for all-levels of skaters. It includes long stairs with soft and long handrails, a wide bank to bank with a 1,5m gap and 2 kinds of handrails.

  • 3.Beginners section

    Designed for the teaching of the young and beginners. It features 4 stairs, low handrails, hubba up slope, flat rail with manual pad, and handrail and platform.

The total area of Skate Agora is 4,683 sqm, 1,250 sqm totally dedicated to skatepark.



Lateral Thinking brought Skate Agora brand to life; with deep knowledge and experience in skateboarding, Lateral Thinking manages and markets the project through its conceptualization and specific activities.


California skateparks is a globally recognized company leading design and skatepark’s construction. Responsible for Skate Agora Architectural Project Development, Design and Construction.


Responsible for Architectural Design of Building Schools and Services; DAW is a space for reflection within architecture; planning and elements design which materialize and give scale to spaces.


SGA is a multidisciplinary organization of financial, technical and creative profiles able to analyze specific solutions for a global result driven.