Skate Agora Lab offers different training programmes specifically for skateboarding. Under the guidance of distinguished professionals in various areas of sports training and monitoring, Skate Agora Lab, a pioneering high-performance centre for skateboarding in Europe, aims to help athletes with their overall development and to improve their performance.

Now that skateboarding has an Olympic dimension, Skate Agora Lab defines itself as a leading project in the development and implementation of analysis, training, monitoring and sports performance tools for skateboarding at the highest competitive and technical level.


Starting according to the physical characteristics of each athlete, with a detailed biomechanical (movement) and anatomical analysis. Based on those results, our professionals work on numerous details relating to physical training for skateboarding, such as specific aerobic capacity, the action of certain muscles and the skater’s ability to jump.


Eccentric muscle strength inertial systems, jump testing and active physiotherapy are some of the technologies applied in the Skate Agora Performance programmes to achieve a detailed analysis of skaters’ physiological and sporting development and a performance plan in line with the technical and competitive goals of the athlete.


Setting specific goals for each skater, Skate Agora Performance develops safe training plans, which work on preventing injuries using constant medical monitoring and sports psychology, according to technical or competitive demands, or the phase of the training cycle defined by the different professionals in our team.


According to the goals set at the start and the detailed analysis of the physical, medical and sporting characteristics of the athlete, Skate Agora Performance guarantees high levels of performance with all its programmes, thanks to the numerous functional tools and control parameters and technology which has never before been applied to skateboarding training.


Working with the National Skateboarding Committee, Skate Agora Lab is based at the only permanent facilities certified by Street League Skateboarding (SLS) in Europa.

Skate Agora Lab carries out different programmes of advice and implementation services for online specific training plans, making it a unique global project for the skate community worldwide.

The different Skate Agora Lab analysis, specific training and monitoring programmes are aimed at individual athletes and teams who want to improve their sports performance.

Skate Agora Lab is a technical development model for national and international federations and a benchmark project for skateboarding as a new Olympic sport.